"Wake Up"

means taking full responsibility for your own life.

Taking full responsibility for your own life,

means no longer place the blame on

something outside yourself,

but know that You are the Creator.

Humanity has been asleep for a long time and it is time to wake up. It is time to realize that we are not just human, human without power or importance

Because the truth is that we are so much more, so much more, but to understand this we must be willing to wake up from sleep as "unconscious" beings.

We must be willing to face that within ourselves that prevents us from seeing what we really are. That we are part of God, that we are part of the "Source" itself.

We must be willing to go deep within ourselves and face the fear that hold us back, look into the darkest corners within ourselves. Simply be willing to "see" ourselves and be honest with ourselves.

No longer be part of this "game" that being played in the outer world, but be willing to see what this really is.

Because, when we make the choice to wake up and go inward, we will see that the outer world is only an illusion and a mirror of our inner world. That what is real is found within ourselves and that we ourselves are the creators of our own reality.