Crimson Circle

Below are some recommendations that you also can use in your awakening.

Within the website is a wealth of material that will be of great help on the path to awakening. If you go to, you can get to know Crimson Circle a little more before you get started.

For those of you who are in the awakening phase, I would recommend what is called the Tobias material and which extends from the period August 1999 to July 2009. All material in the library is freely accessible. To find it, press the flag in the top left corner. Inside "More" you will also find a page called "Glossary" where you can find explanations of words that are used.

Link to the library:

I would also recommend:

Aspectology School

SES Sexuel Energies School

DreamWalker Birth 

DreamWalker Death

Ancestral Freedom

Journey of the Angels

Furthermore, I would recommend for those who choose to go further into Realisation, the material which is in the library and which extends from September 2009 onwards. Now it is Adamus Saint Germain who takes over from Tobias.

By Realization is meant reunification with the Soul, being fully God as well, and realizing the integration of all the parts and pieces of the Self (equal to "ascension" and "enlightenment").

Link to the library: