Please note that I am writing Magdalenes and not Magdalena. Magdalenes was not a person, but an Order... So they were many and they were both men and women.

Now this summer I have had many opportunities to see pictures of myself, and what has struck me is that I see my father... I look like my ancestors, and I don't like it...!

Lately I have started to feel more and more a sense of freedom that is hard to put into words and I wondered: "How can I express this", and today I came across this message that I feel can describe what I'm in now.

For several years I have known that Maria Magdalen also wrote her manuscript. This manuscript was hidden away for certain reasons, but from what I understood, it should come out when the time was right.

It is now a month since the Heavens Cross event and I can really feel the change in me, but I also know that this is because I am conscious. I also know that I can only speak for myself, because this will be completely different for each person to experience.